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Are you longing for a genuinely unforgettable adventure? Were you one of those kids that enjoyed solving complex riddles and taking on difficult tasks? Are you one of those types who instantly look for the latest hit detective novel, as you rush into the local bookstore? What would you say if your passions, hobbies, and interests would be united under one roof? Escaperoom will welcome you with an emotionally uplifting adventure, perfectly suitable for families; best buddies and recently introduced co-workers!

Exitoria Escape Rooms – an entertainment hub for truly contemporary people!

Experience an Alternate Reality for the Next 60 Minutes!

What we offer within the framework of the Exitoria Escape Rooms project, is the so-called smart entertainment. In the age when people prefer to consume experiences over products, this form of entertainment has become the new industry standard! New impressions, unexpected plot twists, and quests – the aspects and mechanics usually associated with video games are now transported and implemented into the physical reality! You essentially become the protagonist of your own personal video game.

Each escape room offers its visitors a unique, thought-out scenario, the solving of which will require an equal commitment from all the involved team members! Only your erudition and improvisation skills will pave the way for a successful outcome in any of the rooms. At the same time, none of the rooms require any in-depth knowledge or special prep work – the rooms are perfectly suitable for any challenger regardless of age, gender or profession.

You Exactly 1 Hour to Reach Your Goal and Taste the Sweet Victory

To satisfy your adventure lust, we’ve prepared:

  • Exciting, logically solvable series of tasks that will require creative approach, wit and excellent team work - a combination to successfully solve any given quest!

  • Unique scenarios with carefully prepared narratives that will guarantee complete immersion into the atmosphere!

  • Apart from the visuals, we've also taken good care of your comfort! With the constant ventilation and comfortable temperature levels each quest will be a truly pleasant experience!

  • Next to all around comfortable conditions, we’ve also taken care of all necessary safety precautions! During the construction process of each room, we employed only hazard-free materials! Play with joy and without any worries about your health!

  • Escaperooms – it’s a true seal of authenticity. From the moment you enter the room of your choice, you’ll be transported to a completely different reality! Allow yourself a truly wonderful adventure, leaving daily routine and occasional dullness behind the doors!

Your next breathtaking adventure can begin!
Are you up for the challenge of the Exitoria Escape Rooms?