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What is the escape room?


An unforgettable adventure in a thoroughly devised environment, which can only be escaped by displaying your skills and putting up solid teamwork before the given time runs out!

Try on the role of your favourite blockbuster or video game hero, avoid obstacles, solve riddles and approach the given environment and the items located within it creatively! Here your quick wit and the ability to improvise are the only guarantors of a timely escape from the chosen quest room! Stay alert, pay attention to subtle clues and hidden passages and, pretty much possible you’ll end up tasting the sweet victory sooner than you thought!

Exitoria Escaperoom quests – an entertainment phenomenon you have to witness to believe!


If you won’t be able to fit within the given timeframe and the doors will stay unmoved as the 60 minute limit runs out, they will open automatically. However, in that case, your team will be left without any awards!

You have precisely one hour to escape the room, using the items found within it, some of which can either be or not be a part of a bigger chain of clues. It is only recommendable to try out and manipulate any item in your sight, try its compatibility with other items and, at times – even flat out destroy it. Only risky experimentation like this will lead you to your goal!


After 60 minutes, the doors will be open, you have to hurry up!

You have 60 minutes to get out of the room. You need to use any items that can be found in the escape room – they may (or may NOT!) be part of the logic puzzle. All things can be moved, touched, combined with each other. Be creative and open doors before time expires!

"For whom?"

Whether you’re a kid, teenager, grown-up or a senior citizen – the abundance of Questroom offers provides that anyone will find their fit! There’s, no preparation or pre-existing knowledge necessary to take part in this amazing journey!
Escape rooms are open for:

  • Families with children
  • Friend companies
  • Couples
  • The attendants of Bachelor/Bachelorette party
  • Teams of company employees


The whole Escape Room concept embodies a true, next generation entertainment – a one that’s getting increasingly popular all across the globe because of the following reasons:

  • It’s a unique adventure that unites people
  • It’’ a chance to exercise your logical thinking that does not require any prep work or specific knowledge
  • It’s a thrilling, spine tingling affair that’s nevertheless completely safe and is absolutely harmless to the youngest of challengers
  • A once-in-a-lifetime chance to unite the most diverse characters to make them work for a shared goal
  • Long-lasting impression and sensation that will definitely make one return for another piece of the experience!

Ready to experience it for yourself?