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Event rooms

Plan and create your events and activities in one place!

If you want to continue to have a great time even after playing escape room game, you are more than welcomed to plan your further activities or events at the same place!

Event rooms or places where you can hold your planned activities are available at any of our escape rooms.

We can provide a wide variety of hot or cold snacks even pizzas or burgers for your event.

As so as we provide the entire set of dishes, as well as everything you need for celebrations.

PRICE PER PERSON starting from 10 EUR

Matīsa iela 46/1 up to 30 people

The standard price per hour - 35 EUR
Price with rooms - 25 EUR

Martas iela 9 up to 20 people

Banquet table - 25 EUR
Price with rooms - 15 EUR

Matīsa iela 46 up to 10 people

Banquet table - 10 EUR

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