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No more choosing between a standard postcard with other people’s words and a banal soft toy! No more trying to remember the name of his favourite cologne or perfume! No more tearing between “nice but useless” and “useful but boring”! Down with boredom, dullness and banality! If you do not know what to present, then present vivid impressions!

Exitoria Escape Rooms will make this day a real treat, which will stay in the memory of the hero of the day and his quests throughout the whole year!

Quest rooms are a new kind of birthday celebration. You and your friends will get into an unprecedented maelstrom of events, coping with which every member of the team will receive positive emotions. Adventures with scenarios that fit every taste: a cute children’s room, a den of a blood-thirsty maniac, a secret apartment of a world-famous spy, a museum or a space station. All you need is to bring people to us – and we will take care of the rest events.

Quest in reality is a unique birthday gift that will leave a lasting impression and be remembered for a long time:

For children

An unforgettable magical adventure will allow you to celebrate the occasion in an interesting and useful way; it will not only provide “a friend’s shoulder”, but also reveal the children’s abilities as much as possible.

For colleagues

The interactive game will be a unique and alternative entertainment that will give the opportunity to get rid of stress, escape from the daily routine and make an impression on others. This game will inspire for a long time.

For the whole family

It is a unique opportunity to unite people of different generations and get positive emotions.

Only here you will get a discount of 10% on your birthday. The discount on games valid on the birthday and a week after it.

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