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Are you trying to choose the perfect place for a date? If you cannot decide which is better — the new blockbuster, concert of a popular band or disco, Then Exitoria Project will offer a comprehensive solution — a date in the format of quest!

Incredible adventures experienced together will eliminate any communication barriers and understand how much you belong together.

The mysterious atmosphere of the quest room will be perfect both for having a romantic evening or a first blind date and for strengthening relationship of a couple.

Research carried out by Dr. Thomas Gilovich from Cornell University (USA) has confirmed that in the 21st century, people prefer to spend money on pleasant emotions rather than on prestigious things.

The exciting adventure in the quest room will give you:

  • powerful energy boost for weeks ahead;
  • loads of vivid impressions (which can be saved in photos if desired);
  • stimulus for creation and development of relationship;

A date in Exitoria quest rooms will give you a chance to see your beloved one in a new light, assess his or her leadership skills and break out of the boundaries of the routine!

Say “no” to trivial dates! Express your originality and imagination!

We are ready to answer all the questions.

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