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Hen party

Have you already come up with how to make your hen party remembered for a lifetime? Are you going to a night club...? But why? You have been there before, haven’t you? Are you going to arrange a pajama party in the Hollywood style...? But what were you doing last time – discussing boys and TV series? Are you going to a café, bar or disco...? But you have been there a million times!

Hen parties are parties which are organised to say goodbye to the previous lifestyle free from family obligations and to get prepared for acquiring the status of a married woman. These parties are an integral part of wedding traditions.

Exitoria Project gives you the opportunity to participate in an incredible adventure and make your occasion unlike anything previously experienced in your life:

  • feel the chill of fear in the horror quest;
  • feel the mystical irradiation in the puzzle quest;
  • try on the mask of an international spy in the action quest;
  • go all out in the western quest;
  • free yourself from an assassin’s captivity in the suspense quest;

Pick YOUR genre and YOUR quest! Arrange a competition against the clock with the stag party and show them that there are real women!

Nobody else had had such a great het party!

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