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Children's quests

Clowns, balloons and animators have already ceased to surprise and delight your child? You are not ready to invent your own contests and other events for leisure time? Do you want to arrange a WOW event and see the genuine delight on the faces of the kids? We invite children under 14 years old!

Children’s quests in reality developed by Exitoria Project will give an explosion of positive emotions!

An unforgettable magical adventure will allow to celebrate the occasion in an interesting and useful way; it will not only allow to get a lot of positive emotions and provide “a friend’s shoulder” in solving puzzles, but also to reveal the children’s abilities as much as possible. The children will go on an unforgettable journey, meet new friends, get into an unprecedented maelstrom of events, and become true heroes. All this is available in the very centre of Riga!

A quest room is a game space filled with various interactive and logical puzzles and riddles that need to be solved in the allotted time. Many of them require a team approach and coordination between team members. Each room is designed according to its unique scenario and is made in its individual style, which fully immerses children into another world.

After completion of the quest, we can offer a room for celebration of the occasion with a table for the birthday cake.

Experts in child psychology say with certainty that quests not only give positive emotions, but also help children to open up revealing to their strengths.

Amazing adventures in a team of peers:

  • develop logical thinking and ingenuity;
  • reveal creative potential;
  • “force” to think outside the box;
  • develop research skills;
  • improve self-fulfilment;
  • teach to interact and provide mutual support.

Exitoria Project guarantees to children:

  • Fascinating stories
  • New impressions
  • Burst of emotions
  • Nice prizes
  • Full security

Quests in Exitoria Project are an exciting experience for children and a great leisure for their parents!

Does your child:

  • want to save the world by becoming a great scientist?
  • rave about pirate treasures?
  • master the Morse alphabet at night?

choose stories about spies rather that all the fairy tales?

Give him an incredible adventure and get rid of the necessity to organise celebration by yourself!

We are ready to answer all the questions.

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