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For partners

The concept of the Exitoria Project is provision of alternative leisure activities and pastime for people of all ages.

We are always open and ready to support new projects in the field of entertainment. Despite the fact that our main product is quest rooms, we are looking to the future and searching for new and original ideas that can be offered to people. Our website is designed in a special way that allows us to quickly create and provide customers with a variety of new leisure activities, as well as to create new offers as soon as possible. The website and reservations system are designed taking into account the possibility of synchronisation with other systems, which stabilises and simplifies the process of cooperation.

Quests in reality are smart amusement of an innovative format, which enjoys great popularity in all continents, and a highly profitable business demanded in the entertainment market.

The phenomenon of Escape Rooms

Experts say that the success of quest rooms is based on:

1.Lack of competition

Even in metropolitan cities with a large number of offers, there is no competition among projects. Every quest is exclusive and unmatched, so the notion of competition among providers of the same type of goods/services is inapplicable to the Escape Rooms.

2.Market access

The quests market is at a stage of formation, which facilitates the task of finding a unique business niche, meanwhile the popularity of quest rooms ensures a rapid return on investment.

3.High activity of target audience

Target audience of quest rooms are educated young residents of cities, who have middle and high income and actively use social networks, as well as companies that use quests for teambuilding.

4.Comprehensive solution

Practice has shown that quests are equally interesting for people of different genders, ages and social groups.

5.WOW effect, which is caused by:

Splash of positive emotions; authentic atmosphere; high adaptability of technological facilities; variety of scenarios; guaranteed safety of the game.

Do you already have your quest room? Add it to our website!

We are open for cooperation.

We invite all interested organisations to place information about their services and products on the website of the project, which is visited by more than 1000 potential customers daily.

We will be glad to raise awareness of your brand and increase the number of your buyers.

Our new website is specially designed with the support of our partners working in the field of services and advertising, as well as our own experience of working with clients (individuals and legal entities). We have created a platform which can be used anyone. Emphasising your brand, we offer a brief and informative description of your rooms in 3 languages. By means of infographics, customers will get basic information about the quest quickly and clearly.

Currently, the attendance rates of our resources are among the highest in the segment of quest rooms. The average website traffic is 1000-1500 individual visitors per day. Our Facebook page has 4500 followers (in second place among quest rooms), with an average coverage of 80,000 users. Our website is perfectly optimised: in organic advertising, we are in forth place on the average according to the results of requests for escape istaba, kvest istaba. We collaborate with such companies as Kinoblogeri, GhettoGames and Prāta Spēles.

E-mail database consisting of 50,000 potential customers and those who have already visited the quest rooms allows us to rapidly notify people about new offers and promotions.

Exitoria company offers a variety of options for cooperation:

Placement of information about you on our homepage; Placement of your photos on our Facebook page; Exchange of coupons between the companies for direct exchange of customers; Processing of your photos by creating an individual style and design with your logo; Connection to our general special offers; Use of the general gift card.

We are ready to answer all the questions.

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